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Here you find innovative products, that are beased on natural and holistic principles

  • for the harmonisation and optimisation of water, beverage, food as well as for restoration/revitaization of soil and ecosystems...
  • for neutralisation and transformation of electro-/environmental stress

NEW: WaterWell Professional now available - the professional vitalization and holistic optimization of water.

Recommended for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, restoration of soil and ecosystems...  organic farming is preferred.

A major upgrade of the long-term proven WaterWell Premium - with increased power and now unbreakable.

2 Versions:

    WaterWell Pro40 (40 mm Inner diameter - for pipes 33 mm /40 mm)
    WaterWell Pro64 (64 mm inner diameter - for pipes 50 mm / 64 mm)

Please do not hesitate asking for further information. We are also looking for further cooperations.

Also experience our BioWell universal disc. Is is an essential further development of our proven products, also ustilising new findings of quantum physics.

It is a multifunctional - because covering all areas - multilayer disc in outstanding, valuable design, coming along with scratchproof surfaces... and - other than our pure mineral products we have offered over the last years - it is unbreakable!



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