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Revolutionary Development
The BioWell universal disc is a revolutionary new and further development after many years with the proven ceramic disc for the optimisation of water and food. Key features are not only the high value design and being unbreakable (!), but also a highly increased effectiveness – in many ways. We have combined the proven mineral compositions (there are 21 different minerals/stones in total included) for the optimisation of water and for the transformation of electro-stress on a matrix of carbon fibre.
Therefore, the spectrum of effects is much larger – and makes the new disc indeed multifunctional and universally applicable!

Manifold Applications
Put the BioWell universal disc for example
on the table, into the fridge,
in your sleeping room,
at your working place, into the car... –
or take it with you when travelling!
The effects appear in a circumference of several meters.
So you need not place e.g. your drink directly on the disc to profit from the harmonising and optimising effects.
And you may not need to buy other products, e.g. to harmonise electro-stress! 

Two Versions
The BioWell universal disc is available in two versions:
„CLEAR“ with a even surface – and „STRUCTURED“ with a 3-D bottom side with a hexagonal pattern. The Structured disc is about 30 % stronger and faster in ist efficiency.

Holistic Efficiency through „Holofractographic Crystal Technology“
Another feature of the new LIVING WELL universal disc is the (w)holistic character. It is harmonising at all levels – body, soul and mind.
E.g. we have implemented the „Flower of Life“ into the design and as a component for the effectivity – a symbol that is well known in many cultures for thousands of years. This symbol is also used for harmonising and energising purposes. According to newest findings of quantum physics it represents the basic fractal order of the cosmos, the fundamental structure of space-time. It is connected with the underlying quantum field, energy field, spirit – however you choose to call it.


  • Natural and holistic optimisation of water, food and beverage
  • Improvement in taste
  • Improvement of digestibility
  • Positive effects on health and growth of animals and plants
  • Support of holistic therapies –
  • balancing of chakras, meridians, organs
  • Supporting effect in meditations
  • Natural transformation of (electro-)stress from various sources
  • Natural harmonisation of rooms – sleeping rom, car,
  • work place...
  • Harmonisation of the environment – wherever you are
  • Along with many more possible applications

We appreciate your feedback about your experiences! 

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